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What is the product?
We offer a full service, luxury travel membership which has been sold very successfully for the last 20 years for up to $10,000 USD for a Lifetime Membership.

For the first time ever, this luxury membership is now being made available to you!

For online purchase

For the lowest price ever witnessed: $2995 for life 

How is this different than a timeshare?
A timeshare has huge upfront costs whereas our membership lets you keep your money in your pocket..

A timeshare obligates you to just one location for life; our membership allows total freedom and flexibility to travel anytime and anywhere, worldwide for less.

A timeshare has maintenance costs and annul dues; our membership is one low price to join, with no ongoing costs or annual fees. Many times you can get two weeks for us for just the annual maintenance costs of a time share.

What is RCI and how is this different?
RCI is an exchange company for timeshares. You will need to own your own timeshare at a participating resort to participate. Trying to trade or rent your timeshare week for a better location can be extremely difficult, especially in peak season. Many participants in RCI report frustration in the lack of available weeks at the top resorts. RCI members endure ongoing costs including annual dues and exchange fees. There are no annual fess with Global Resorts Network.

Our membership is available to everyone including non-timeshare owners. At any given time our members have access to hundreds of thousands of available weeks. 

The fact that we purchase thousands of timeshare weeks in advance, ensures our members a lifetime of access to some of the most highly sought after destinations in the world, with no blackout dates or restricted weeks. This is key. Our members can also use the customer service to access resorts outside of our registry. (all of this with no annual dues or maintenance fees)

How does this membership differ from other timeshare exchange programs online which are free to use?
With any timeshare exchange program, your selection is limited to whatever week is being made available by the participants. The more popular the resort, the less likely you'll ever secure a week in peak season. 

Showcasing a wide selection of resorts does not mean availability. You could spend months trying to find a week at a top resort, and there's no guarantee you'll ever get there. There's no guarantee of savings either, its not uncommon to see timeshare owners asking full market value for a popular resort.

Our membership offers the ultimate in selection and availability.

With any other timeshare exchange or online program, if you're not able to find the resort you really want, you'll have no other option but to settle for something else.

The reason our membership is so popular, it gives members total control. Besides having one of the largest registries of luxury resorts available anywhere, our members enjoy full time travel professionals who are experts in the industry. 

Whether its using them to secure a resort which is outside the registry, or having them completely plan your next vacation, this unique and powerful service is unlike anything else offered.

After comparing prices with a couple of available weeks, I noticed a similar price online. Why?

A common tendency made by new members, is to do uneducated comparisons. Simply choosing a resort at random and doing a price comparison is pointless, without factoring in some key variables. For example; how popular is this resort? Is it off season? Is this particular resort more widely available throughout the Internet? Is this resort simply trying to fill a vacancy? 

Our membership contains a certain percentage of available weeks which are more common and more widely available when compared to others. The more luxurious and discriminating the resort, the greater the savings realized.

After all, this is a LUXURY resort membership. This is not about comparing nickels and dimes for the resorts that are more widely available; its about getting you access to the very best, the crème de la crème AND saving you thousands of dollars at the same time.

There is certainly nothing wrong in comparing prices, but one needs to know what to look for.

Our membership specializes in finding and securing availability at top resorts in peak season!

Without a membership, this can be extremely challenging and very expensive. For us, securing these types of weeks at member only, wholesale prices is not the exception, its the norm.

When selecting a more discriminating resort, its not uncommon to realize a savings of well over $1000 a week.

Are all of the resorts you offer 4 and 5-Star quality?
We do offer an occasional 3-Star resort property as long as that particular resort is of superior quality and has met our high standards of service and amenities. But 90%of the resorts are of the highest 4 and 5-Star quality!

If you happen to come across anything at all that does not meet your high standards, keep in mind that you're not paying for any weeks you don't book and use. They are just available if someone so chooses.

You will not find a more complete list of 4 & 5-Star luxury resort properties in one registry, anywhere.

Contained in every state and every country within our registry, you will find top resorts charging (without a membership) anywhere from $200 - $1000 per night. With your lifetime privileges, you'll never pay more than $799 for an entire week.


I'm just about convinced ...
When you purchase this membership, you are getting an extreme value.

The more selective and discriminating you become in where and when you travel, the more valuable this membership will become to you. Getting access to superior resorts, while at the same time, paying less money than you would normally pay for a hotel or something less desirable, is a benefit you'll enjoy for the rest of your life.

One of the reasons people are in love with this membership is because there are no limitations whatsoever when it comes to their travel needs. As a member, you'll have complete freedom and total control.

If you want to go to Hawaii in peak season, Cabo in fishing season, Colorado in ski season, Arizona in golf season, or take a Disney Cruise in any season, etc... there's no better way to guarantee not only getting there, but paying the absolute lowest prices as well.

You'll also love the convenience of allowing industry professionals to arrange all of your travel needs, if so desired.

You'll also love the HOT WEEKS. Some say that if all our membership offered was hot weeks - and nothing else - we could still charge full membership price. Hot weeks are always available and are always one low price of $298 for the entire week. 

These are not unwanted weeks during the off season, they include 4 and 5-Star resorts, often available in peak season. Hot weeks are a fantastic perk of being a member.

Once again, our membership specializes in finding and securing availability at top resorts in peak season!

How do I get into the Registry to look around at what you have to offer?

Go to and click on Browse The Global Resorts Registry at the bottom and use the user name: "resort" and the PW:  "lookfor"




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