First Post! 07/02/2007

One current BIG SAVINGS examples:
Check out this beautiful luxury resort in MEXICO, available right now in our HOT WEEKS for only $298.00. 

This is the total cost for the entire week!

Bring your whole family (4 people) and enjoy an incredible week in paradise.

WOW! Compare this to ...

$292 per room, per night
Total Price for 7 nights:
$2369 USD

172.00/night x 7 nights +
tax recovery and service fees =
$1432.76 USD

Expedia Special Rate:
$172.00 per night
Total room cost:
$1,439.97 USD
$230 per night
Total is
$1,610.00 USD  

Priceline: $2369.00
$1,439.97 $1,610.00
GRN Member:    $298  

GRN member price: $298

That's a minimum savings of at least $1133.00 for one week!

See you on the slopes!

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