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Global Resorts Network!

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• 4 and 5 star resorts for as low as $298 per week, for the ENTIRE family, yes, these are not per person rates but include you and your spouse, and even the entire family or friends!

• Travel last minute, or enjoy the same extreme value booking MONTHS into the future

• No 60 day waits or certificates to mail off… and NO black out dates

• LIve customer support available 24/7…experienced, professional and courteous

• Better than any full service travel agency, and always deal with the same people . . . just like family

• Includes custom cruises and airfare discounts, car rental, etc. EVERYTHING A to Z

• Travel WHERE you want, WHEN you want

• We get you in, even peak season or when no one else can.

• Many of our resorts are exclusive, or otherwise "Members Only"

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Time Share Resorts

Why pay $25,000 for a time share and then Hundreds or Thousands more in maintenance fees yearly when you can keep that money in your pocket and still pay thousands less than the guy next door for the same week at the same resort!

These same great memberships used to sell for $10,000 I know, my friend Rob bought one.

NOW available for only $2995 - for a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!
$1495 for a Gold 3-Year Membership

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We have over 5,000... 4 and 5 Star Resorts - in inventory - selling for the first time EVER ONLINE, for as much as $10,000 cheaper than what the same Lifetime Membership has been selling for, the last 20 years!

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